Literature Design

Do you know many companies that can sell their product or service without literature or other supporting materials? It’s tough to do.

Sales literature and brochures help you communicate and strengthen your messages. They’re also known as marketing communications.

The printed word can carry a lot of credibility, so your materials are important tools in your arsenal. They reinforce your brand and can create a lasting impression on your market if done well. Plus a single printed piece can reach multiple decision makers when your primary contact passes it along.

Good sales literature and tools are tightly integrated with your sales process. Rather than inundating a prospect with all of your information at once, break that information into distinct pieces that answer a prospect’s key questions at a specific stage in the process.

As a result, your prospects can quickly absorb what’s most relevant, make decisions more quickly and move to the next stage.

The Scotts Company product sales catalogs
Ashland Theological Seminary monthly magazine called “the table”
Mac Tools, toolbox accessory catalog

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