Our Core Values

Core values must permeate the culture of an organization and must be tangibly lived out. We invite our clients to hold us accountable to our core values.

Each of the unique piece of art featured in this section were created by our team members and are displayed throughout our studio as reminders.


We can’t go too long without a good chuckle, and we don’t intend to. We find that most people enjoy a breath of fresh air, and that an upbeat and positive environment is very conducive to creativity. We take our work seriously, but have fun doing it.


The markets demand a crisp perspective; an inspired strategy; a merging of ideas and innovation. Ideation brings the “blue sky” into view and helps bring it down to earth. It’s what continually sets our approach apart.

Everyone brings their best insights and innovations to the table, and we blend them into even more potent concepts. We apply ideation to everything we do and to how we do everything. Sometimes we even ideate about ideation. We have not yet ideated about ideating about ideation.


Whether we are working with clients, dreaming up ideas, creating media, partnering with other organizations, or gathering around the water cooler, we recognize that something extraordinary happens when people are invited to interact. Red Red sustains a culture that encourages people to work together and participate wherever possible.


We take special care to hear and understand our clients’ needs, ideas, and requirements so that we can offer the appropriate solutions. We appreciate that they value our opinions, so we figure it only right to value theirs.


We are given opportunities to influence our world in extremely compelling and positive ways. Therefore, we approach our work with little tolerance for mediocrity and the status quo.


God is essential, influential, and evident in our lives. We want Him to be pleased with us.