Fine Art

Besides being a graphic designer, Robin also is a fine artist. He paints in oils and watercolor and his favorite subjects are usually landscapes of any kind. He loves to go on location to paint directly from nature, otherwise known as plein air. Robin also participates in many plein air competitions around the country where he has the opportunity to interact with a lot of other people who share his passion for painting.

Robin had an article published about him in Plein Air Magazine, about his work, style and thoughts relating to the competitive side of plein air painting. Here is a link to that article: Handling the Competition at Plein Air Painting Events

Just as he does when beginning a graphic design project, Roberts makes thumbnail sketches of potential painting subjects, most often using three markers (light, middle, and dark values) to make 4 x 6-inch notan drawings or compositional sketches. His intention is to capture the composition and pattern of light and shadow.

An excerpt from the article

To see more of Robin’s paintings go to his fine art website. Robin Roberts Fine Art. There you can buy paintings or look into commissioning a painting of your subject.