While our design is of the finest quality, we’ve come to realize that the way we do things is just as important as what we do. We naturally invite your participation in our entire impact-building process. We are great listeners and pride ourselves on our ability to give you what you seek.

1) learn

We take the time to ask questions, listen and learn about your industry. We gather relevant information about your culture, your key competitors, your dreams, and your goals to gain an understanding of your business and how we can meet your marketing needs.

You are the expert in your industry; therefore, we value your input above all and we complement your knowledge with our skill sets and experience. Mutually, we gain the utmost confidence that the service we’re proposing perfectly fits your situation.

2) ideate

Good ideas can come from anywhere. The Red Red culture invites clients and team members to work together, unlocking ideas and imagination that lead to truly compelling concepts. We call this process “ideation” and it’s a main ingredient of our total process.

3) design

You will be presented at least three evolutionary-to-revolutionary design layouts. You choose the one you like best or mix and match from the options and receive a final layout.

4) develop

This is where the mutually developed ideas become real, taking on action and motion. Our artists create while maintaining the integrity of the approved final layout Revisions are part of this step and we embrace them; in fact, they are already built into our quote. Your feedback dictates this process as we go back and forth until you are thoroughly satisfied with the finished solution.

5) deliver

Your project is prepped for delivery to the printer or final host and we handle that communication for you to assure quality and satisfaction. All details of your project are archived for safekeeping and we mail you your source files on discs as needed.

6) assess

Eager to learn and ever improve, we communicate with you to review and assess the utilization of your project. How is it being received? Are your goals being achieved or, better yet, exceeded? Over time, this should lead us back to the beginning of the process of engaging your audience in fresh new ways.